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Guliana Rancic's Story & Fertility Preservation

Entertainment News host Guliana Rancic has been braving her battle with breast cancer head on, with major news outlets covering her story as she shares everything from her initial diagnosis to her most recent decision to undergo a double mastectomy.

Rancic's account of her journey through breast cancer is inspiring, and reminds us of several important topics concerning women's reproductive health. While it is typically recommended that women get a yearly mammogram starting at age 40, those with a familial history of breast cancer are encouraged to begin screenings earlier.

Rancic was starting IVF treatments when her doctor discovered she had breast cancer. Luckily for Rancic and other women who suffer from cancer, huge strides have been made in the field of oncofertility. In fact, our medical director here at New Hope Fertility Center, Dr. John Zhang, has discussed the topic of oncofertility extensively, and the subject was discussed in a meeting of fertility experts hosted by The International Center for Scientific Debate (ICSD) in July of this year.

Oncofertility provides women with the possibility of getting pregnant even after undergoing cancer treatments, and encourages cancer patients to consider preserving their fertility through the latest egg freezing techniques, such as vitrification, for use in IVF after cancer treatment. The availability of these advances in the field of fertility preservation give women dealing with cancer a new element of hope concerning their ability to become mothers as they undergo their fight against illness.

We wish Rancic a speedy recovery and hope she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a mother.

Topics: Mini-IVF, Dr. Zhang, Oncofertility, Fertility Preservation

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