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Selective Reduction | Say "Yes" to Single Embryo Transfers

According to an article in UK publication The Telegraph last week, there has been an increase in women reducing their pregnancies after undergoing IVF treatments.

Between 2006 and 2010, The Department of Health found a 70% increase in women who were pregnant with multiples choosing to reduce their pregnancy. The process, termed selective reduction, is closely linked with IVF treatments where multiple embryos are transferred, therefore resulting in (some instances) unwanted multiple pregnancies.
Considering the stress multiple pregnancies can put on both the mother and child, not to mention the cost of pre and postnatal care, it is understandable why more and more women are choosing to undergo pregnancy reduction; however, this emotionally and physically stressful procedure can be avoided with the standardization of single embryo transfers within the fertility care field.

Too often do we hear of risky multiple pregnancies that lead to unfavorable outcomes, which we feel at New Hope, can be avoided with the proliferation of single embryo transfers within the fertility care field.   You can read more on the fertility industry's call for more single embryo transfers here. Together, we can minimize unnecessary selective reduction procedures!

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