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Why High Quantity Egg Production Reduces the Quality of an IVF Egg Freezing Cycle

Woman in SnowA successful IVF egg freezing cycle is no longer based on prescribing a high dosage regimen of fertility medications. A woman’s body does not need to produce large quantities of eggs for an egg freezing cycle to be successful. It is the quality – not quantity – of the patient’s frozen eggs that is key to a successful future thawing and transfer. The production of large quantities of poor quality eggs actually decreases future pregnancy success rates.

It Only Takes One Good Egg Policy

Our focus is not on the quantity of eggs produced, retrieved and frozen during a fresh IVF cycle. Low quality eggs are not suitable for fertilization. The egg freezing cycle will be unsuccessful in the future without quality eggs. We are renowned for helping our patients produce only healthy eggs. By focusing primarily on egg quality, we have been able to achieve high pregnancy success rates for our patients.

This is our One Good Egg Policy which has helped us achieve celebrated pregnancy success rates using only high quality cryopreserved eggs.

In Verywell Family (8/20/18) – Dr. John Zhang explains that producing too many eggs with large doses of injectable fertility drugs can backfire and cause medical problems, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Cutting-Edge IVF Egg Freezing Protocols

Our holistic Mini-IVF™ protocol is designed to reduce patient discomfort and cost per egg freezing cycle. We strive to provide stellar holistic IVF treatments through a customized, evidence-based approach.

Mini-IVF™ Protocol

Our Mini-IVF protocol prescribes a low dosage regimen of fertility medications for a woman’s body to only produce 3 to 5 high quality eggs.

  • The patient’s body is not forced into producing the 10 to 15 eggs typically produced and retrieved in Conventional IVF
  • The Mini-IVF™ is less invasive and more cost-effective for the patient
  • The Mini-IVF™ is an option for women who may respond better to lower doses of fertility medication
  • The Mini-IVF™ produces higher quality eggs for fertilization
  • Pregnancy success rates for Mini-IVF are comparable to Conventional IVF

Benefits of Mini-IVF™

Women may not experience extreme swelling/bloating, night sweats, and weight gain as they do during a Conventional IVF.

  • It’s very similar to IVF, but you’re not stimulating the ovaries too much with high doses of medication. – Dr. Merhi Fox News
  • There is this feeling that high doses of shots can be detrimental to the quality of eggs. – Merhi Fox News

Mini-IVF™ Fertility Medication Dosage Regimen

  • One Clomid pill consumed daily
  • No more than one to three injections of Menopur
  • A simple nasal spray of Synarel 36 hours prior to egg retrieval to trigger ovulation

Egg Freezing Expertise

The fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center offer the highest pregnancy success rates by only producing and freezing quality eggs. To schedule your consultation, click the icon below – or – call 212.969.7422.

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