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How Our Holistic IVF Protocols Produce High Quality Eggs

Asian Pregnant WomanA high chance of pregnancy no longer depends on a patient producing large quantities of eggs in a single fresh IVF cycle. In many patient cases, our fertility specialists forego prescribing a high dosage regimen of injectable fertility medications. Look: Our One Good Egg Policy sets us apart from other fertility clinics by helping us achieve high IVF pregnancy success rates. Bottom Line: The production of large quantities of poor quality eggs actually decreases pregnancy success rates.

Our Successful One Good Egg Policy

Why does the production of one good egg matter? The quality – not quantity – of a patient’s eggs is key to a successful IVF pregnancy. Good News: The high pregnancy success rates of our Mini-IVF™Needle-Free IVFNatural Cycle IVF™ protocols rival those reached with Conventional IVF.

Holistic IVF Protocols vs. Conventional IVF

Using the Conventional IVF Protocol, a woman’s body is forced by stimulation into producing 10 to 15 eggs in a single fresh cycle. Many of these eggs may not be viable for fertilization because of their low-to-poor quality. By pushing too hard for quantity – egg quality is diminished.

Our holistic IVF protocols are specifically designed to produce only high quality eggs, while at the same time reducing patient discomfort and cost per fresh cycle. Our mission is to custom design holistic IVF protocols using an evidence-based approach.

Only high quality eggs are fertilized in vitro using Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – direct injection of a sperm into an egg. Embryos then begin to develop and are closely monitored in a high-tech controlled lab for five to six days (Blastocyst stage).


Our holistic Mini-IVF protocol prescribes a low dosage regimen of injectable fertility medications to coax a woman’s body into producing three to five high quality eggs for fertilization in vitro using ICSI.

  • One Clomid pill daily to stimulate egg production
  • One to three Menopur injections to stimulate egg production
  • One Synarel nasal spray to trigger ovulation before egg retrieval

Needle-Free IVF

We also offer a Needle-Free IVF protocol prescribing non-injection fertility medications. All fertility medications are self-administered orally and nasally. The patient’s hormone levels are monitored through saliva and urine tests. No daily injections or blood draws.

Natural Cycle IVF™

Our holistic Natural Cycle IVF™ monitors the patient’s naturally produced, one good monthly egg through blood tests and ultrasounds. This protocol provides for optimal ovulation trigger timing before surgical retrieval and fertilization using ICSI.

Candidates for Holistic IVF Treatment

We are committed to providing healthier and low-drug IVF protocols that have been proven to achieve a successful pregnancy at a lower cost and with less aggravation to our patients.

  • Women over 35 who have a regular menstrual period and are able to ovulate
  • Women over 35 with elevated FSH levels or a poor ovarian reserve
  • Women diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Women who are at risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • Women who want to avoid costly and painful fertility medication injections
  • Women who are unresponsive to fertility medications
  • Women who do not want to produce multiple embryos for ethical or religious reasons

High Quality Egg Production Expertise

The fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center offer the best chance of IVF pregnancy success by striving to produce high quality eggs. To schedule your consultation, click the icon below – or – call 212.969.7422.

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