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How Do I Know If I Need Help Getting Pregnant

Once a couple has made the choice to start a family, they are naturally more aware of, and concerned about the ability to get pregnant.  If you’ve experienced a few cycles without a positive result, it’s common to wonder if you’ll need help getting pregnant. 

Timing Is Everythingblog1-7

For many women, especially those who used hormonal birth control such as birth control pills or the patch, it may take your body several cycles to return to regular ovulation.  For women under 35, it is recommended that you try to conceive naturally for twelve months before seeking fertility care.  For women over age 35, it is recommended that you try for six months before seeking help getting pregnant.

If you have known health concerns, such as fibroids, that make you question your ability to become pregnant, speak with your physician or a fertility specialist. 

Steps You Can Take

Before you seek help getting pregnant, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. 

Monitor your cycle by logging your basal body temperature.  A basal body thermometer allows for precise monitoring of your body’s temperature.  During ovulation, your body’s temperature increases.  By charting your cycle with a basal body thermometer, you can identify when you’re ovulating so you can have intercourse during this time.

Track your cycle using ovulation predictor kits or OPKs.  An OPK works by looking for the presence of hormones in your urine.  Immediately prior to ovulation, your hormones surge, OPKs look for this surge and allow you to know when ovulation is imminent to be able to time intercourse.

Employ healthy habits including eating right, exercising, and getting rest to increase your natural fertility.

Do you think you need help getting pregnant?  Schedule an appointment to meet with a fertility specialist to address your concerns. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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