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How Do IVF Natural Cycles Work

Natural fertility treatments are growing in popularity as couples look for more holistic ways of receiving fertility care.  Natural cycle IVF is one such treatment.  Without using fertility medication, natural cycle IVF has the goal of retrieving and fertilizing the egg a woman produces naturally during her monthly cycle.

How Natural IVF Cycles Work


Natural IVF treatment works by closely monitoring a woman’s cycle.  Rather than using fertility medication to support the maturation of multiple eggs, natural cycles seek to harvest the one egg that is produced without medication.

This process can only be done when a woman’s cycle is regularly checked using blood work and ultrasound.  By consistently monitoring a woman’s cycle, a fertility care team is able to identify when ovulation is going to occur.  Just prior to ovulation, the egg is retrieved during an outpatient procedure, then fertilized.  The embryo is then transferred back into the mother’s uterus for implantation.

What are the advantages of a natural IVF protocol?

There are a number of advantages to a natural IVF cycle:

  • A more comfortable experience due to the lack of side effects that are commonly associated with fertility medication.
  • There is no need to wait between cycles in order to transfer the embryos into the uterus as the uterine lining hasn’t been affected by fertility medication.
  • Natural IVF cycles provide a treatment option for women who want to stay away from or are not likely to respond to fertility drugs.
  • The egg that is produced naturally during a cycle is the healthiest possible and best suited for fertilization.

Where is the best place for natural fertility care?

With a convenient Manhattan location, New Hope Fertility Center offers a holistic approach to fertility care that focuses on the specific needs of each individual.  After identifying the root cause of the fertility concern through testing and analysis, the New Hope team creates an individualized care plan that incorporates each client’s wants and needs.

For additional information on holistic approaches to fertility care, including the uses of natural cycle IVF, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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