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How Does the Natural Cycle IVF Procedure Work?

Natural Cycle IVF is growing in popularity as a holistic way to approach fertility care.  Because the protocol is relatively new, women facing IVF treatment often have questions.  The Natural Cycle IVF procedure provides a number of benefits without the use of fertility medication.

Natural Cycle IVF Procedure ivf

As with any IVF protocol, Natural Cycle IVF begins with testing and analysis to ensure a woman is well suited for the treatment.  These tests include blood work and ultrasounds to verify a woman’s hormone levels and to monitor for ovulation.  Because no fertility medication is used, a woman must be ovulating on her own in order to do natural IVF. 

The natural cycle begins with the start of a woman’s monthly period.  After this, there are ongoing tests scheduled at the fertility center.  The blood work and ultrasound appointments allow the fertility care team to monitor the development of the one egg a woman produces naturally.  Once the egg is mature, it is retrieved during an out of office procedure.  Because there is only one egg, this procedure is quicker and more comforter than an egg retrieval with traditional IVF protocols.  

Once the egg is retrieved, it is fertilized in a laboratory setting and monitored.  Then, the fertilized egg is transferred back into the woman’s uterus.  Unlike traditional IVF protocols, there is no need to wait between cycles.  Unless a woman chooses otherwise, Natural Cycle IVF procedure utilizes a fresh embryo transfer. 

Candidates for Natural IVF

The Natural Cycle IVF procedure is well suited for a number women.  Women who fall into the following groups may benefit from a natural approach to IVF:

  • Women who live a holistic lifestyle
  • Women who wish to avoid fertility medication
  • Women who do not respond well to fertility medication
  • Women at high risk for developing OHSS
  • Women who are unable to produce multiple eggs during a cycle

In order to be a candidate for natural IVF, a woman must be ovulating on her own without the use of fertility medication.

To find out if the Natural Cycle IVF procedure is compatible with your medical needs, speak with a Member of the New Hope team today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

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