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How Does Vitrification Work? - Is It Different From Slow Freezing?

Freezing of eggs and embryos is a crucial part of fertility treatment.  Therefore, it is important that the freezing method used is successful and can be done without harming eggs, embryos, ovarian tissue, or sperm.  Knowing the differences between vitrification vs. slow freezing can help you to have confidence when freezing, and storage is done during your fertility treatment.

Vitrification vs. Slow Freezing

Traditionally, a slow freezing process was used in order to freeze and then store eggs and embryos.  To accomplish this, a slow dunk method was used that gradually reduced the temperature of the materials as it was dunked in a solution.  Unfortunately, the process of slow freezing eggs and embryos also created the ideal environment for the creation of ice crystals, which could destroy the very material that was trying to be preserved.  The survival rate when slow freezing is done is only around 55 percent.

Vitrification takes a different approach.  First, the water is removed from the eggs or embryos and replaced with the protectant.  Then, the eggs or embryos are flash frozen, with their temperature brought down to storage temperature in an instant.  By removing the water and quickly freezing eggs and embryos, they are protected against ice crystal formation.  This allows vitrification to have a success rate for the freezing and thawing process of 98 percent.

Vitrification in Fertility Treatment   vitrification

Due to the high success rate of vitrification, couples facing fertility treatment can be confident that their eggs and embryos will be available for them when they are ready.  Additionally, the use of vitrification allowed fertility preservation to be no longer be seen as an experimental treatment option.  Egg freezing is so reliable with vitrification that companies are beginning to offer egg freezing as a benefit for employees.

For further information on vitrification vs. slow freezing and how survival rates can improve pregnancy rates, contact the team at New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

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