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How Egg Freezing Allows Women To Get Back To Work

For many professional women, balancing career with family is a major concern.  This is true even for women who have not started having children.  The pull of a woman’s biological clock is often at odds with her desire to continue to move forward in her career.  Egg freezing addresses this issue and allows women the ability to focus on their careers without jeopardizing their ability to have children.

2015-37The Cost of Waiting To Start a Family 

As a woman ages, the quality of her eggs begins to decrease.  In order to conceive naturally, it is best that women try to get pregnant before age 35. After 35, the quality of a woman’s eggs begins to decline, which can make conception more difficult.  Because of this, many women struggle with taking time off to start a family or continuing to pursue their careers – potentially at the cost of having a family.  Egg freezing directly addresses this issue.  By freezing eggs when she is younger, a woman can focus on her career without worry.  

New Fertility Preservation Methods

Once thought of as an experimental fertility treatment, egg freezing is now widely regarded as a successful way to preserve fertility.  This is due to advances in technology, specifically the use of vitrification to freeze eggs.  Traditionally, eggs only had a 55 percent chance of surviving the freezing an thawing process – making use of egg freezing for social reasons unreliable.  The low survival rate was due to the slow process to freeze eggs.  Because the eggs were gradually cooled, there was a significant chance for ice crystal formation, which is detrimental to eggs.  Vitrification uses a cryoprotectant and flash freezes eggs thus eliminating the chance for ice crystals to form.  Vitrification has a 98 percent survival rate and eggs may be stored for years without issue.  This advance in technology allows women to focus on their careers with the security that they will have eggs available once they are ready to start a family.

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