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How Egg Freezing Before Chemotherapy is Preserving Fertility

Women who are facing cancer treatment - chemotherapy or radiation - no longer have to worry about their ability to have children in the future. Today's egg freezing technology helps women preserve their future fertility. Egg freezing is accomplished through a fresh IVF cycle - stopping short of egg fertilization in vitro after surgical retrieval of oocytes. Pregancy success rates using oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) are comparable to using fresh eggs.

Egg Freezing Prior to Cancer Treatment

  • Damages the quality of a woman's eggs
  • Destroys a woman's ovarian function
  • Sends a woman into premature menopause

What you should consider when thinking about fertility preservation is dependent on your individual medical situation.human-egg-stock-today-150612-tease_6995b8a1f07f7c2b3b5cf593933eb87f.jpg

  • Your current health
  • The potential impact of cancer treatment on your ability to have children
  • Your age and current reproductive health
  • The opinion of your cancer care team
  • The opinion of a fertility expert

Many fertility experts recommend women undergoing cancer treatment consider egg freezing even if they are not sure about having children in the future. It is far better to have eggs available and not use them than to have the desire for children later in life and not to have the option available. 


Egg Freezing Cycle

  • A woman’s health is thoroughly evaluated to determine the best protocol for her specific needs
  • Fertility medication is prescribed, when medically sound, to promote the maturation of multiple eggs
  • Coordination of care between the fertility care team and cancer treatment team is ongoing to ensure that medical decisions are made with the woman’s best interest in mind
  • Once mature, the eggs are retrieved during an outpatient procedure
  • Harvested eggs are cryopreserved using the new technique of vitrifiction - a fast freezing method eliminating damage to the eggs caused by ice crystals
  • Eggs are frozen and stored until the woman is ready to start a family

Throughout the cycle, each woman is constantly monitored through blood work and ultrasounds to check on the progress of egg follicle development. Monitoring allows for adjustments in fertility medications when needed.

The use of vitrification as a freezing method provides a 98 percent success rate for survival of the freezing and thawing process, making fertility preservation a reliable option. 

Egg Freezing Experts

Preserve your future fertility through egg freezing. The fertility preservation experts at New Hope Fertility NYC invite you to discover your future dream of having a baby by freezing your eggs.

Customized IVF care at New Hope Fertility NYC offers the highest success rates and best overall patient satisfaction.

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