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The Dr. Oz Show | How Old Is Too Old?

As many in our online community already know, New Hope Fertility Center and one of its current patients were briefly featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

Friday's show, which took on the subject of motherhood and age, focused much of the program debating the woman's biological clock and the risks involved in conventional IVF care.

Indeed, self-awareness and self-education are integral parts of any woman beginning the journey to motherhood.  Through reading, talking to other women, and being open to her doctor (infertility doctor or primary care physician) about reproductive health, a woman can better judge when to start the pregnancy process.  By committing to follicular ultrasounds to test the number of eggs she has left to learning about options like fertility preservation (banking eggs for future use), women can significantly avoid the emotional and physiological stress that comes when she facing age-related fertility issues.

We also agree with both medical guests on the show, Dr. John Jain (a Reproductive Endocrinologist) and Jennifer Lahl (the President at the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network), who emphasized the importance of infertility specialists educating their patients on both the risks associated with older women getting pregnant and the risks associated with conventional IVF protocols, which oftentimes involve hyperstimulating a woman's ovaries with fertility medication to assist her in producing multiple eggs for use in IVF treatment.

Educating would-be mothers on fertility preservation and emphasizing the fact that as they age it will become harder to get pregnant due to low ovarian reserve are among the most important things a fertility doctor, and any physician for that matter, can do for women wishing to conceive.  While these are important factors in the assisted reproduction debate, it is also important to inform women on other choices out there -- holistic, minimally invasive IVF care and egg freezing (fertility preservation), both available here at New Hope Fertility Center.

Mini-IVF™ is our trademarked protocol which is customized to each individual's body and circumstance, so no two cycles are the same. Because our Mini-IVF™ cycles are tailored, it also allows us to forgo some of the expensive (and, for some, intimidating) shots that were mentioned on the Dr. Oz show.  In addition, we try very hard to make sure that our fertility care is not a cost prohibitive part of anyone's journey to motherhood and our cycles are also over a few thousand dollars less than the average conventional cycle cost statistic cited on the Dr. Oz show.

We also offer Natural Cycle IVF, which offers women the option to try IVF sans fertility medication.

If you viewed the Dr. Oz show on Friday and have any questions regarding the success of our IVF protocols and the cost of our IVF care, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

And...thanks for tuning in!
 NHFC Consultation Natural Cycle IVF

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