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How to Become a Well Informed Fertility Patient

After trying to conceive for one year without success, a couple should seek medical help from a fertility specialist. The first step requires testing of both partners to identify the root cause of the infertility. Then, the Fertility Experts will design a customized treatment plan to achieve pregnancy quickly and at the lowest possible cost. The process can take some time to complete and often requires several tests in order to make a full diagnosis. Being an informed patient alleviates stress throughout the process and helps patients have well informed conversations with their fertility treatment team.

Become a Well Informed Fertility Patient

Chances are, you’ve already spoken with your doctor about your struggle to have a baby. You may have received some education about the female reproductive organs. Being familiar with the reproductive system - including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix - can help you to have a clear understanding of diagnostic testing and fertility treatment procedures.

Additionally, it is important to be well informed about your menstrual cycle. Your naturfertility-specialist.jpgal cycle is the foundation of your fertility treatment. Knowing the duration of your periods, the length of your cycle, and any symptoms during the month can help you provide an accurate medical history to the doctor. Additionally, knowing your body can help you call out when something feels different during fertility treatment.

Your fertility care team will happily provide information about the tests and procedures you will undergo. Being familiar with medictions and procedures beforehand can allow you to have informed discussions by asking meaningful questions. For example, a vaginal ultrasound is often used during fertility treatment in order to look at the uterus and ovaries. Knowing that a test is being done to measure follicles allows a patient to ask pointed questions such as how big are the follicles measuring and at what size are they considered mature?


More Helpful Resources From The Fertility Experts

Contact the Fertility Experts at New Hope Fertility Center if you’re struggling with infertility.

It is important to work with a fertility care team that understands which treatment methods are best for you, considering your specific medical issues. Personalized treatment plans offer the highest success rates and the best overall patient satisfaction. 

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