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How To Decide if a Natural IVF is Right For You and Your Spouse

Couples who are dedicated to natural living often have difficulty when facing fertility care.  For those couples, balancing the desire for holistic medicine with the desire for a family can seem impossible.  You do not have to use fertility medication to achieve pregnancy with in vitro fertilization treatment.  Our Natural IVF protocol uses no fertility medication and may be the ideal solution for couples who wish to avoid fertility medication.  


Natural IVF aims to harvest the one egg a woman’s body produces naturally.  That egg is then fertilized and ultimately transplanted directly into the woman’s uterus.  Natural in vitro fertilization treatment takes place over two cycles.

During the first cycle:

Your cycle and your body are regularly monitored through blood work and ultrasound.  This monitoring allows us to monitor your natural fertility and to track how your cycle is progressing. 

Once the egg has reached the desired maturity, it will be harvested during an outpatient procedure.

  • The egg is fertilized in our laboratory and the resulting embryo is monitored.
  • The embryo is frozen via vitrification.  Vitrification instantly freezes the embryo and prevents damage due to the formation of ice crystals.

During the second cycle:

  • Your body is again monitored through blood work and ultrasound.  Rather than looking at the maturation of your egg, your body is being monitored to determine when your uterus is best suited to support a healthy pregnancy.
  • Once you’re ready to receive it, the embryo is thawed by reversing the vitrification process.   
  • The thawed embryo is then placed directly into your uterus.

Natural IVF may be ideal for people who want to avoid fertility medication or the associated side effects.  Additionally, the natural protocol is a good fit for women who are unlikely to respond to fertility medication or who are unlikely to produce multiple eggs.  Natural IVF is not limited by age. If you are ovulating, you may be a candidate for this treatment protocol.

A consultation with a member of our team can help you determine if Natural IVF is the right treatment plan for you. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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