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How To Decide Which Fertility Clinic is Right For You

Finding the right fertility clinic is the first step in your fertility care journey.  NYC is known for providing world class medical care and being on the forefront of medicine, which can make the mission of finding the right fertility clinic more difficult.  To choose the right clinic for you, take time to do research and make an informed decision.  Use the checklist below to compare the clinics you are considering.

Insurance Acceptance and Fertility Treatment Cost

Find out what benefits, if any, are available through your medical insurance.  Many policies provide some coverage for fertility care.  In most cases, you are able to receive a higher level of benefits if you choose a fertility clinicfertility provider who is in your insurance company’s network.   When you speak with the clinic, find out what options are available for payments of copays and how billing is done. 

If you do not have insurance coverage, ask about the average cost for fertility care.  Pricing can vary widely between fertility clinics so it is important to understand each center’s cost structure. Also ask about payment schedules and the options for payment.

Fertility Treatment Philosophy

Ask questions in order to understand the clinic’s philosophy on fertility care.  Does the clinic begin with less invasive protocols such as IUI or suggest patients start with IVF?  Make sure that the philosophy of your chosen clinic is in line with your personal wants and needs.  Learn who you will be interacting with and how often you can expect to speak with a physician.  It is important to find a clinic where you have a good fit.

Fertility Treatment Success Rates

SART or the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies complies and publishes success rates for fertility clinics nationwide. Through the SART website you are able to look at the success rates for the centers you are considering.  Be sure to pay particular attention to the results for your age range as that provides information that address your specific needs.   You should select a center with high success rates in your age group. 

New Hope Fertility Center is the home of NYC’s premier fertility specialists.  We specialize in providing personalized care to address our patients’ individual needs.  By building upon our patients’ natural fertility, we are able to achieve high levels of success while using less fertility medication. 

Schedule an appointment today to tour our fertility clinic and meet with one of our fertility specialists.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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