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How to Decided Between a Normal or Natural IVF

How to Decided Between a Normal or Natural IVF 

New technology and advancements in fertility medication have increased the number of in vitro fertilization (IVF) protocols available.  While these new protocols can increase the chance of success and make IVF available to those who may not have qualified under the traditional protocol, they can make the choice of a treatment plan more difficult.  Understanding the difference between a Natural IVF and a traditional IVF protocol can make selecting the best protocol for your needs less difficult. 


Traditional IVF

Traditional IVF has been successfully used for decades to address both male and female infertility.  The process works by using fertility medication to encourage a woman’s body to produce large numbers of eggs.  During a natural cycle, one egg is typically released.   A traditional IVF protocol can result in 15 eggs. 

Unfortunately, all of the harvested eggs will not be suitable for fertilization.  In fact, one of the reasons to produce large quantities of eggs is to allow for this and ensure there are enough embryos for transfer back into the mother.  With traditional IVF, the resulting embryos are typically frozen and stored to allow the mother’s body to adjust to the effects of the fertility medication.  Fertility drugs have a direct effect on the uterine lining and therefore a fresh transfer is usually not an option. 

Natural IVF

Natural IVF treatment differs from traditional IVF because fertility medication is not used.  Instead, a woman’s cycle is tracked and the one egg her body produces naturally is harvested and fertilized.  Typically, quality of the egg is not an issue as the natural egg is the healthiest. Once fertilized, the embryo can be transferred directly into the mother.  Because the uterine lining has not been compromised, it is not necessary to wait until a new cycle. 

Natural IVF also avoids the side effects commonly experienced with fertility medication, making for a more comfortable and healthy experience.

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