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I Am Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

You waited for the time to be right.  You’re exactly where you wanted to be in life and now getting pregnant is your number one concern.  However, after months of trying, it’s not happening.  It seems as though everyone around you is getting pregnant without issue.  Maybe you’ve tried using ovulation testers or charting your cycle without a positive result.  Maybe you’ve begun discussing your concerns with your doctor.  Generally, doctors say you should allow one year to get pregnant if you’re under 35 and six months to get pregnant if you’re over 35.  However, if you feel as though something is wrong or are concerned about your ability to get pregnant, you should speak with a fertility expert.


What is fertility treatment?

Fertility treatment is medically addressing the issues that are preventing a couple from getting pregnant.  The first step is to perform tests to find out what issues are causing the delay in getting pregnant.  While women have more moving parts, men are just as likely as women to have issues.  Once the fertility team understands what is causing the delay in getting pregnant, a treatment plan may be discussed. 

Do I have to use fertility medication?

No.  Historically, fertility medication was a large part of the treatment of fertility issues.  Advances in the field of fertility medicine have allowed for the creation of more holistic approaches to improving fertility.  This includes in vitro fertilization protocols that use little to no fertility medication.  Your treatment should be reflective of your personal desires as well as the needs of your body, this includes reducing or eliminating the amount of fertility medication that is used.

Where is the best place for fertility care in NYC?

A leading provider of fertility care, New Hope Fertility Center provides individualized treatment in their NYC office.  Their team of expert fertility physicians network with fertility experts worldwide to ensure their patients the most successful fertility care.  Additionally, New Hope’s ongoing clinical trials allow their medical team to continue to discover how a more holistic approach to fertility care can improve outcomes. 

Find out how the New Hope team can help you reach your goal of becoming pregnant.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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