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How To Improve Your Fertility During the Winter


Winter is the time for windy days, cold nights, and often dreary forecasts. Combined, these elements drive many people indoors for comfort. It’s easy to lose sight of your healthy habits during the winter. Ditching your healthy eating habits and exercise routine during the cold months can have a number of negative impacts on your overall health and your fertility. It is possible to maintain healthy weight throughout the winter months and to stay focused on your goal of getting pregnant in 2017.

Improve Your Fertility

Stay Focused   Fertility-Fact-Friday-Smoking_1.jpg

The most important factor for being able to maintain healthy weight based upon your height is to stay focused. Your self-control and discipline are the largest factors in your ability to stay on task. Winter clothes are often bulky and don’t provide the same motivation as do lighter and tighter summer clothes. Try to remember how good you felt about yourself while you were focused on your fitness goals. Staying focused on maintaining your weight and fitness will help improve your fertility health this year.

Try Something New

Many people enjoy outdoor exercising, however, they find it difficult to switch up their fitness routine during the winter months. Winter is the perfect time to try something new. An aerobics class, indoor swimming lessons, or unique winter sports. Trying snow shoeing, skiing or ice skating - a new activity may be just what you need to get yourself in gear.

Improve Your Diet

Where summer food is known for being light, winter food is often heavy and full of calories. In fact, so called comfort food is often full of sugar, excess calories and fat. To maintain a healthy weight, continue to do the things that helped you achieve your goals in the first place. Watch your caloric intake and be mindful of what food you put in your mouth. You can enjoy the occasional treat, but do so in moderation. Having small portions of your favorite heavy foods can allow you to indulge without sacrificing your waistline.

More Helpful Resources From The Fertility Experts

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