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Improving Fertility and Getting Pregnant Naturally After The Age of 40

Improving Fertility and Getting Pregnant Naturally After The Age of 40 

It is widely known that a woman’s fertility declines after age 35. This doesn’t mean that it is not possible to get pregnant if you are over age 40. In fact, there are several things you can do to increase your chance of conceiving naturally.  2015-15

Have Annual Checkups

Your annual physical is more than an opportunity for you to meet with your doctor. The testing and blood work done during the physical can identify potential problems before they become bothersome. Having annual checkups allows you to stay on top of your medical care as well as determine areas that may influence your fertility. For example, thyroid issues can result in problems with fertility.

Watch Your Weight

In order to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy it is important that your body be in optimal health.  Eat a well-rounded diet that includes fruit and vegetables. Being overweight and being underweight can reduce your natural fertility.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar

Fluctuations in a woman’s blood sugar levels can cause a number of health issues including infertility.  Watch the foods you eat, taking care to avoid processed foods and sugary items.

Progesterone Levels

Progesterone plays a major role in a woman’s fertility. Hormone testing can reveal if progesterone levels are within normal limits. If the hormone levels are out of range, supplemental progesterone is available to support a woman’s fertility.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Recent studies have revealed that caffeine can affect early pregnancy and increase the likelihood of miscarriage. Caffeine can alter hormone levels and result in health issues. Try to eliminate caffeine from your diet before becoming pregnant to reduce cravings during pregnancy.

For additional information about getting pregnant after age 40, contact New Hope Fertility Center today.  New Hope provides expert fertility care to women of all ages to help them achieve the families they’ve been dreaming of. As long as a woman is ovulating it possible to achieve pregnancy. After all, it only takes one egg to create a healthy pregnancy.

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