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Infertility Advocate/Blogger, Keiko Zoll

A recent online article from CBS Boston talks about how infertility is not just something that older women are having to face, but that younger women alike are also finding that they may have to battle with infertility, which is often cited as affecting 1 our of every 8-10 couples around the world. In particular, the article talks about Keiko Zoll (28-years-old) and her husband Larry, who fully expected (and tried) to have kids in their mid 20s, in the first few years of marriage. However, when Keiko was told that she was infertile, their imagined lives had to be reassessed and Keiko and her husband began to advocate for infertility awareness. Keiko's blog about infertility awareness can be found here: http://hannahweptsarahlaughed.blogspot.com/

In addition, she and her husband created an award winning video which can be seen below.

Topics: Infertility

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