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Infertility Causing You Stress? Try These 10 Coping Mechanisms

Trying to conceive can be a stressful process for both partners.  Unfortunately, stress can actually decrease your fertility and make it harder to become pregnant.  When your stress becomes overwhelming, try these coping mechanisms:

  • Calming Music - Take a break and listen to something soothing.  Classical music, jazz, or nature sounds are good selections for relaxation.  Research has shown that soothing music can decrease the hormone cortisol in your body which is linked to stress.
  • Reach Out – It is important to have one person you can speak openly with.  Make a call and talk through the issues that are bothering you.  Often, just talking through an issue can be the solution.
  • Eat Right – For many people, stress leads to emotional eating.  Eating fatty foods will not decrease your stress level.  Keep healthy snacks around for emergencies.  A balanced diet can increase your overall health and fertility.
  • Exercise – Exercise is a natural stress reliever.  Even taking a short walk can positively impact your health and allow you to relax.
  • Get Your Rest – Stress is commonly blamed for individuals not getting enough sleep. The opposite is also true.  Not getting enough rest can result in the body being out of sync which can increase stress.  Try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night.
  • Yoga – Yoga is a way to be physically active while working on stress reduction.  Yoga focuses on breathing techniques and finding balance, which can relieve stress.
  • Join a Support Group – A support group allows you to talk with other couples who are going through similar situations.  It can be helpful to remember that you are not alone in your fertility journey.
  • Speak with Your Doctor – If you are becoming overwhelmed with fertility treatment or are concerned about your progress, speak with your medical team. You may find that they have a different perspective about your care which may ease your worries.
  • Spend Time with Your Partner – It is easy to become caught up in everyday tasks and fertility care and neglect each other.  Go out on a date or simply take a walk together to relieve stress .
  • Focus – Although the process can be stressful, keep your end result in mind - the family you’ve been dreaming of.

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