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Infertility is Common - Just Ask 1 in 8 Women

Infertility, the inability to become pregnant after one year of unprotected, regular sexual intercourse is a very common problem for women. As a whole, the inability to conceive naturally affects one in every eight women and one in every ten men. Infertility is clearly not a rarity and nearly half of couples choose to ignore it even when they would like to have children.

One infertility Problem, Many Possibilities

The most common causes of infertility in women are ovulatory in nature. Other reasons for a woman's inability to get pregnant include:

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Damage to the fallopian tubes
  • Irregular hormone levels
  • Premature menopause
  • Endometriosis
  • Congenital abnormalities

Determining The Cause of infertility


Living with infertility can be a frustrating experience. Do not despair. Help is often just a phone call away. The fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center will conduct a thorough medical history and perform all diagnostic testing to determine the most probable cause of your infertility. Discovering the cause of your infertility means half the battle is won, and you can confidently move on to your treatment. It is important to note that unexplained infertility routinely occurs when testing can find no source, but is often not a cause for worry as treatment can still be effective.

Treatment Options For Lack Of Fertility

Not all remedies to fertility concerns are intensive or invasive in nature. Depending on your individual circumstances, the solution could be very simple. Medication can sometimes treat the less severe varieties of fertility problems. Lifestyle changes such as reducing consumption of alcohol, losing weight, increasing exercise, or cessation of smoking are other solutions to some lesser types of infertility.

More severe cases may require surgical corrections or treatment through a customized In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment plan.

New Hope Fertility offers today's latest, cutting edge IVF protocols.

Seeking Help For Your Infertility

One of the biggest mistakes women can make when struggling with infertility is waiting too long to take action. Some difficulties, especially involving age, only get worse and harder to address with time. Seek help from a reputable fertility clinic such as New Hope Fertility Center. NHFC prides itself on being a world leader in fertility care from diagnosis to treatment. Our accomplished specialists will walk you through every step, explain your options, and answer any questions you may have. Schedule your initial consultation with one of our fertility experts today. Please click the link below to enter your information online and we will contact you - or - simply call 917.525.5496.


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