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Infertility in Your 30s | IVF Success Stories

Suffering from secondary infertility (having trouble conceiving with a second child) or experiencing trouble conceiving after entering your 30s?  You're not alone.  At New Hope Fertility, we meet many women who face this harsh reality, even if they had no trouble conceiving with their first child.

For many women, trouble getting pregnant in their 30s is due to diminished ovarian reserve, which can be caused by high FSH levels or reproductive disorders like PCOS.  High FSH levels are associated with a decrease in ovarian function and get higher as a woman ages, which can occur more abruptly with some women in their 30s compared to their fertile counterparts of the same age.  Health issues like PCOS can result in follicles being underdeveloped or, in worst case scenarios, completely absent because of the presence of cysts.  And finally tubal issues, often resulting from scar tissue related to childbirth or pelvic inflammatory disease, are very common for women in their 30s, which can also inhibit the ability to conceive and sometimes cause miscarriages.

Our doctors recently helped a few of patients in their 30s get pregnant with our minimal stimulation IVF protocols.

Our first patient was a 36-year-old who had trouble getting pregnant with her second child.  Because Ms. 36 was young and otherwise healthy, we chose to treat her with our Mini-IVF™ treatment, which uses less hormone drugs than conventional IVF protocols. After her single embryo transfer, which we utilize to mimic the body's naturally occurring processes, we're happy to announce that Ms. 36 got pregnant. Congratulations, Ms. 36!

Our second success story involved a 31-year-old who came to New Hope with a history of secondary infertility.   With the embryos she had frozen at another clinic, we tried two frozen embryo transfers, which unfortunately did not take.  On Ms. 31's third frozen embryo transfer, however, she got pregnant. Congrats Ms. 31!

Our third IVF success story helped a 38-year-old with a history of miscarriage.  Like Ms. 36, she completed 1 Mini-IVF cycle. After freezing her embryos she had an unsuccessful frozen embryo transfer, but a month later she had another and got pregnant.  Congrats Ms. 38!

For more success stories like these, head over to our Success Stories section on our blog and or our website.  Congrats to Ms. 36, Ms. 31 & Ms. 38!

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