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Infertility Shaming is Alive and Well — Just Ask Chrissy Teigen



How is this still a thing? Chrissy Teigen gets trolled on Twitter for doing IVF.

If you’re an active social media user, you know that Chrissy Teigen has been very vocal about the fact she and her husband, R&B star John Legend, chose to do IVF after years of struggling to conceive. Fertility is, of course, an extremely sensitive subject, and the fact that she’s been willing to share her story and candidly answer questions in an effort to help others experiencing similar issues should be both applauded and exemplified.


But apparently, some social media users still think it’s okay to shame people online for wanting to start a family.



Luckily, Teigen shuts down Twitter trolls like it’s her job:



Clearly, the world still has a lot to learn about infertility and IVF — if you and your partner are struggling to start a family, or just want to learn more about fertility in general, contact a specialist or download our IVF guide today!



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