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Infertility Tax Credit Introduced in Senate

The National Infertility Association, RESOLVE, recently reported on the introduction of a bill in the senate, brought forth by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) that focuses on providing eligible taxpayers with a tax credit for any out-of-pocket costs that many people have to pay for medical treatment associated with infertility care. The act, called the "Family Act of 2011," would apply to both in vitro fertilization and any other treatments that go towards preserving fertility for cancer patients. This is certainly a much needed piece of legislation that could benefit many of the more-than 10% of couples who suffer from infertility. The tax credit is modeled after an existing tax credit that benefits taxpayers who pay large amounts of money out of pocket for adoption expenses. Since in vitro and fertility preservation are much newer concepts -- part of a modern way to build families made possible only by recent technological and scientific developments -- this legislation and protection has not yet been made a standard.

The RESOLVE report quotes Risa A. Levine, Esq., RESOLVE Board Member and Advocacy Day Chair saying, "I hear every day how infertility goes untreated because of financial barriers… The desire to have children is fundamental to the human condition, and it's an injustice that people struggling with infertility have been denied access for so long. Finally, the infertility community has hope."

For more information, visit www.resolve.org/taxcredit

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