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Is DHEA Safe For All Women Who Need Fertility Treatment?

Fertility medications and supplements can dramatically enhance a woman’s fertility.  It is important that the medication prescribed to each woman fits their specific medical need.  Dehydroepiandrosterone, commonly referred to as DHEA, is the newest medication to show promise in the treatment of fertility issues.  While the use of DHEA and fertility medications has been shown to positively affect outcomes, the treatment is not for everyone.

What is DHEA?2015-25-1

DHEA is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body.  DHEA is converted by the body into the hormone estrogen, which is directly responsible for many of the aspects of ovulation and egg quality.  The levels of DHEA in the body peak prior to age 35.  After age 35 the levels of DHEA begin to decline. This decline is also in line with the decline in egg quality that is commonly seen with women over 35.   Research has shown that supplementing DHEA can:

  • Increase pregnancy rates
  • Decrease the number of cycles needed to become pregnant
  • Decrease the rate of pregnancy loss
  • Increase the quantity and quality of retrieved eggs

Who does DHEA help?

DHEA supplements are prescribed for women with low DHEA levels.  By supplementing DHEA, it is believed that the body responds as it did at the peak of natural DHEA production.  This increase in positive outcomes is not seen in women with DHEA levels within the normal range.

Is DHEA safe for me?

Before starting any treatment protocol, it is important to speak with your fertility care team.  Not all hormone supplements may be used together and taking the wrong medications together can result in dangerous side effects.  Ask your fertility care team about the use of DHEA and if it is right for you given your specific medical needs.  

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