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Is There a Best Age For Getting Pregnant

Identifying the best age to get pregnant is difficult as there is no one answer.  Each woman must consider her health, personal life and professional life before determining if she wants to start a family.  Although women are biologically best suited for pregnancy before age 35,that may not be the best time socially.  Thankfully, advances in fertility medicine allow women to select the best age to get pregnant based on their specific medical, personal and professional needs.


Getting Pregnant in Your 20s

In your 20s, you are most fertile from a biological perspective.  Risk factors for pregnancy complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure are less likely to occur when you are younger.  Socially, women in their 20s are less likely to be financially established than their older counterparts.  Additionally, many women in their early 20s feel as though they have not found their place in life.  For these women, or for women who think they may delay having children until later in their career, fertility preservation is something to consider.

Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

Around age 35 a woman’s natural fertility begins to decline.  While the chance of developing complications are still low, they are higher than that of younger pregnant women. Women in this age group are more likely to be comfortable in where they are professionally.  Furthermore, women in their 30s have a better idea of what they want in life and what should be a priority than younger women, making the social decision to start a family easier.

Getting Pregnant in Your 40s

Biologically, women in their 40s are the group least likely to become pregnant naturally.  From a professional standpoint, women in their 40s are most likely to be established in their careers.  Although these women may be best prepared socially to start a family, this is at odds with their physical needs.  Fertility treatment that addresses a woman’s specific needs can help a woman conceive and have a healthy baby. 

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