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Is Vitrification the Best Method For Egg Freezing

When considering fertility preservation, one of the most important things to consider is the reliability of the process.  After all, if the egg freezing method isn’t successful, there will be no eggs to use in the future. Thankfully, advances in the field of fertility medicine have resulted in substantial improvements in the field of egg freezing.

Traditional Egg Freezing Methods

In the beginning, stored eggs and embryos were done with the use of a slow dunk freezing method.  This process slowly reduced the temperature of the eggs until they reached storage level.  During the period of time while the eggs were cooled, they were also likely to form ice crystals, which ultimately destroyed the eggs.  The damage caused by ice crystals was one of the main drivers of a survival rate for the freezing and thawing process of only 55%.

Use of Vitrification  egg freezing

Vitrification is the latest state of the art freezing method in the field of fertility medicine.  It may be used on eggs, embryos, and sperm and has been shown to be substantially more reliable and effective than traditional freezing methods.

During vitrification:

  • Water is removed from the egg and replaced with a cryoprotectant
  • The eggs are then flash frozen, cooling them to their storage temperature in an instant

Both the cryoprotectant and the freezing speed significantly reduce the likelihood of ice crystal formation.  In fact, the survival rate for the freezing and thawing process with the use of vitrification is 98 percent.   Additionally, eggs frozen with vitrification may be stored for an indefinite amount of time.  This allows women to feel secure in knowing that they will have their own healthy eggs available once they are ready for them. Furthermore, eggs frozen with vitrification have the same success rates for pregnancy as fresh - never frozen - eggs. 

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