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It's Hard To Get Pregnant, Give Yourself A Break

Trying to have a baby is one of the most stressful things you’ll face.  If you’re having trouble starting your family it can be easy to put the blame on yourself.  The truth is, fertility issues are the result of medical issues and not anything that you’ve done.  Beating up on yourself is not constructive and has no benefit. In fact, being stressed can actually decrease your odds of getting pregnant.

2015-16Take a break from the blame game and be calm.  Your fertility journey is tough, and it is not easy to become pregnant. Use the tips below to stay calm:

Relax – Be sure to take some time for yourself. Do something that you enjoy like visiting a museum or getting a facial.  You need time to take care of yourself and to decompress.  Be sure to schedule some time every week that is just for you.

Be Informed – One of the most frustrating aspects of fertility care is not understanding the procedures or the medication you’ve been prescribed.  Take time to learn about your fertility care plan.  Ask questions about your care and look for answers until you receive a response that satisfies you. 

Don’t Hold It In – Fertility care is an emotional as well as a medical experience.  Don’t feel that you have to hold all of your emotions in.  Take part in support groups, find a reliable friend or journal about your experience.  The key is to acknowledge and address your emotions rather than pretend they don’t exist.

One Step At A Time – Your fertility journey may take longer than you hoped.  That doesn’t mean things will not work out for you, just that the time frame is different.  Focus on what’s going on in this moment as opposed to worrying about the next.  

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