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How To Find IUI for LGBT Couples in New York City

In growing numbers, members of the LGBT community are turning to fertility treatment to start their families. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a great way for LGBT couples to begin their journey toward parenthood. Understanding the IUI process can provide the exact information you need to find the fertility specialists you're looking for to help you have a baby. 


IUI for LGBT Couples in New York City

IUI is also commonly referred to as artificial insemination. In this process, a woman ovulates naturally or with the assistance of fertility medication. She is then inseminated with a highly concentrated number of sperm to coincide with the precise time of ovulation. The sperm is delivered directly into the uterus using a small catheter - similar to a Pap smear procedure. The placement of the sperm directly in the uterus increases the chance of pregnancy because the sperm do not need to travel as far to meet the egg. 


Finding IUI for LGBT Couples in New York City  

intrauterine insemination (IUI)

NYC's acclaimed New Hope Fertility Center provides a number of fertility services for members of the LGBT community.  They are dedicated to providing each client with the individualized treatment that they deserve. For LGBT couples, New Hope Fertility Center has a number of resources, including a sperm bank. Thorough questionnaires and a profile of the donor allow couples to make fully informed decisions when selecting a sperm donor.


Surrogacy Option and Support Groups

For couples who need the services of a surrogate, New Hope Fertility Center recommends a celebrated surrogacy center in New Jersey - New Beginnings Surrogacy Services. Additionally, New Hope provides a number of support services including support groups to help couples navigate the journey of fertility treatment. New Hope’s approach to addressing the emotional as well as physical needs of their patients helps to increase success rates and patient satisfaction. 

More Info About IUI for LGBT Couples

For personalized information on IUI for LGBT couples in New York City, contact the care team at New Hope Fertility Center today. 


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