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IVF and Fertility Care Hit Hollywood

If you've paid attention to the news lately, you have probably heard about the latest celebrities planning on fertility treatments to achieve pregnancy.  Not only is Khloe Kardashian attempting to get pregnant through IVF, Entertainment News host Guliani Rancic is still considering it after her double mastectomy, and a slew of other celebrities admitted to using fertility treatments to get pregnant, including Jane Seymour and Celine Dion.  And let's not forget to mention primetime tv, with both Private Practice and Whitney exploring the subject of IVF and fertility preservation through their story lines.

Whatever your source of the latest IVF news may be, the one thing all these stories have in common is infertility.  Infertility, which is defined as an unsuccessful attempt at achieving pregnancy after one year of unprotected sex, affects a range of people.  As with the case of Khloe Kardashian, infertility is not ageist - it can affect women in their twenties as much as women in their forties, and can be caused by everything from PCOS to weight issues to autoimmune disorders (the latter being the case for Elizabeth Hasselback, who suffers from Celiac disease).

Fertility care specialists have been working for over thirty years in an effort to develop the most healthy and cost effective ways to help women achieve their dream of motherhood, no matter what their root cause of infertility may be.  At New Hope Fertility Clinic, our protocols have been developed by pioneers in the fertility field, including New Hope founder Dr. John Zhang, who is credited with the oldest in vitro pregnancy to date.  New Hope's unique protocols provide women of all backgrounds (miscarriages, failed IVF cycles, high FSH levels) a chance to get pregnant.  By customizing our fertility treatment plans for each individual patient based on their needs and fertility background, New Hope is able to keep the health risks and high costs associated with conventional IVF treatments low through our "One Good Egg" policy and and our practice of single embryo transfers.

We wish all the celebrities on the IVF path success (and others on their fertility journey as well).

What other celebrity infertility stories have you heard?

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