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5 Things Your IVF Doctor May Not Be Telling You - We Are The Top Experts in NYC

Finding the right place for your IVF NYC treatment is an important part of your journey to parenthood.  Selecting the right fertility center and the top IVF in NYC can make a difference in the success of your fertility care. 


IVF NYC treatment options are one of the key indicators of a fertility center’s ability.  Clients should be given full disclosure at all times.  If your chosen fertility center hasn’t disclosed all of the following, you are likely not with the top IVF NYC center.

Five Things Your IVF Doctor May Not Be Telling You
  • Fertility treatment does not have to involve large doses of fertility medication.  While fertility medication is a powerful tool in treating fertility issues, natural fertility treatments, including natural IVF are available.
  • Emotional support is a vital part of IVF care. Fertility treatment affects more than just the physical body.  There is an emotional component that must be addressed to ensure that clients are coping with the stress of fertility care. 
  • Predetermined protocols are not good. IVF care should be based on the medical needs of each individual, not a set of predetermined protocols that are the same for everyone.
  • You do not need a large number of eggs for IVF. Traditional IVF care focused on producing a large number of eggs.  A significant number of those eggs would be unsuitable for fertilization.  In order to get pregnant, all you need is one high quality egg. 
  • State of the art facilities provide the best success rates. Using state of the art technologies can improve the success rate of treatment and the accuracy of lab results, both of which can mean getting pregnant faster.

New Hope Fertility Center

New Hope Fertility Center is the top rated fertility care provider in NYC.  Their focus on treating each client as an individual, ongoing research, and dedication to excellence results in high success rates.  This is possible even with their use of minimal stimulation IVF protocols that use little to no fertility medication.

Learn more about the treatment options available at New Hope and what makes them the leading IVF NYC provider by contacting them today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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