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IVF and the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

doctors-for-pregnancy.jpgThe use of frozen embryos is common in conjunction with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Typically, several quality embryos will be developed in vitro, however, only one or two embryos will be transferred in conjunction with the fresh IVF cycle. The remaining quality embryos will be frozen for future transfers - Frozen Embryo Transfer (FETs). FETs reduce the number of fresh IVF cycles needed to achieve pregnancy. New Hope Fertility NYC's pregnancy success rates using FETs are comparable to repeated fresh IVF cycles.

Timeline of a Frozen Embryo Transfer

After the FET occurs, several changes happen rapidly.

  • After Transfer Day 1 – The transferred embryo begins to hatch out of its protective shell
  • After Transfer Day 2 – Hatching of the embryo continues and the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. This process must occur before implantation occurs.
  • After Transfer Day 3 – The embryo continues to adhere to the uterine wall, burying deeper and deeper until implantation occurs
  • After Transfer Day 4 – The process of implantation continues for the embryo
  • After Transfer Day 5 – Implantation completes and the embryo continues to rapidly form and develop
  • After Transfer Day 6 – The embryo produces enough hCG to be detected in a woman’s blood stream
  • After Transfer Day 7 – The embryo continues to grow and the levels of hCG in the body continue to rise
  • After Transfer Day 8 – The embryo further develops
  • After Transfer Day 9 – A blood test may be done at this stage in order to detect pregnancy

FET Pregnancy

Should the embryo attach the uterine wall and thrive, a pregnancy via FET has been successful!

Progesterone suppositories or injections are prescribed both before and after the FET procedure to enhance a woman's uterine lining development and strength.

Discover More Information About IVF

Discover additional information about IVF and FET from the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC. If you would like to schedule a new patient consultation at New Hope Fertility NYC, click the icon below - or - call 917-525-5496.

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