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new-hope-open.pngIn the ever changing world of Reproductive Medicine, competition is heating up.  IVF centers are opening everywhere, and while we have blogged about how to choose the right IVF clinic for yourself, many people still ask.  It really comes down to what you feel comfortable with.  Clinics offer different treatment styles, and every physician, even within the New Hope Fertility Center practice, have different approaches.



New Hope practices holistic and minimal stimulation approaches alongside more conventional approaches.  We offer this array to patients so that we can better customize our treatment plans to each patient, maximizing the chance of conception.  Our flexibility is unique and may offer some people extra options should initial and repeated attempts fail.



 Monitoring is a daily part of any IVF treatment.  The timing of treatment must be precise to be effective.  And this is one of the many potential inconveniences surrounding IVF treatment.  NHFC, situated in New York, offers one of the most extended windows for monitoring.  Unlike most fertility clinics which offer monitoring between 7am and 930am, New Hope offers monitoring regularly from 7 am to 2 pm.  This allows us to better assist fitting your fertility plan into your daily life, without interrupting it.  Also, it allows us to keep a better watch on your cycle, allowing us to work with you in the afternoon as well.  After all, your cycle might not be optimal only in the morning. 



Many physicians take a break during the summer.  Embryology labs close to be cleaned and stocked, doctors go on vacation.  Staff may go away and your clinic may close it’s doors.  This could be inconvenient if you were looking for treatment over the summer, when work is slow or you are on vacation yourself.  Our doors are open 365 days a year, in hurricanes and blizzards, since we understand that your fertility doesn’t wait for mother nature.



 Part of your fertility treatment may involve hormone therapy to prepare your body for your cycle.  Emotions can run wild with the emotional and financial stress.  Depending on the reason you are seeking treatment, your relationship might fluctuate too.  We understand.  Many blog posts and videos, reviews, and chats are filled with stories of patients who feel alone in their process.  Many employees in reproductive medicine may sideline these emotional people, labelling them as difficult patients, or dismissing what’s going on.  All the staff at New Hope practice with courtesy and understanding.  Many have been right where you are and now go home to hug their children.  Our philosophy is one of understanding and compassion.  NHFC is dedicated to every patient, in every cycle.  For patients who need a little extra support, we can help arm you with groups and therapists that specialize in treating fertility patients.  We recommend people to acupuncturists and other holistic treatment centers because we understand that lowering your stress will increase your chances of getting that family you always dreamed of.

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