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How IVF Sure is Making In Vitro Fertilization Affordable

For couples desperately struggling with infertility, there can be no price put on a family. Despite this, nearly all IVF treatments can be quite costly. A success pregnancy is usually not guaranteed. In fact it can take two or three fresh IVF cycles to achieve pregnancy. Through IVF Sure, New Hope Fertility Center is making In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) affordable.

The IVF Sure Guarantee

In recognizing the stress and high cost associated with infertility treatment, New Hope Fertility Center instituted a success or your money back program. The IVF Sure program guarantees you will get pregnant, or all your money will be refunded. There are no tricks or hidden fees in the process. The plan is a flat, fixed price for every woman who enrolls in the program. The price does not raise for candidates deemed more difficult or suffering from PCOS. With our guaranteed success or your money back option you are not receiving the bare minimum in treatment as a way of cutting costs. You still receive our high-quality IVF protocol as well as additional premium services aimed at preventing miscarriages.

IVF Sure Overview

Our guarantee program includes three full cycles of comprehensive IVF treatment as a fixed cost of $20,000 that will take place over the course of nine months. The premise is simple, if you are not pregnant at the conclusion of your three cycles, every dollar of your $20,000 cost will be returned to you. Besides the generous discount compared to the typical cost of three fresh IVF cycles, what is included in our comprehensive treatment?

The fixed price of IVF Sure includes:

  • Mini-IVF, our gentle and efficient minimal stimulation IVF protocol
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) to reduce miscarriages and increase live birth success rates
  • Utilization of embryoscope time-lapse incubators to record embryo development and ensure only the best are transferred
  • Embryo freezing until the ideal transfer period

Best Candidates For The Program IVF Sure

To help you understand whether or not IVF Sure is a great option for you, we will explain traits of our prime candidates. Women aged 38 years or younger with regular periods are the best case candidates for the program. However, women with irregular periods due to PCOS are also acceptable candidates. Previously failing other IVF cycles do not exclude you from using this as an option. Additionally, we do not pre-screen for day 3 FSH, estradiol or AMH to disqualify you from participation.


Learn If IVF Sure Is An Option For You

At NHFC we realize that every woman's body is different and accept candidates on an individual basis. Therefore, we cannot know for sure if you are a candidate for our program without meeting you first. If you would like to see if IVF Sure is right for you, visit us today. To schedule a consultation with one of the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center, click the icon below and enter your information online - or - call 917.525.5496.

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