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IVF Treatments and Down Syndrome

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology began its annual meeting at the beginning of the month, with experts warning that conventional IVF treatments may increase the chance of having children with Down Syndrome.

According to research hosted by London Bridge Fertility, several fertilized eggs of the 34 couples examined had genetic errors after the women were given high doses of FSH to stimulate egg production in the ovaries.  It is also widely understood that the chance of genetic disorders in children increases as women get older, and it should be noted that the average age of the women in this particular study was 41.  Fertility experts at the conference acknowledged the need for more research into the link between IVF treatments and the occurrence of downs; however, the study highlights the growing concern towards IVF protocols that require high doses of fertility drugs to encourage egg production (source: BBC).

As we have examined previously, there are many risks that come along with conventional IVF treatments, which oftentimes employ large amounts of fertility medication that can lead to hyperstimulation, multiple pregnancies, and other issues that endanger mother and child.

The new findings at the ESHRE meeting are important, as they show the growing trend among fertility experts to pinpoint the issues that can arise from using too many fertility drugs and narrow down the best treatments for patients.  This new research aligns with New Hope's mission, which promotes any study that encourages customized care and exploring lower dosage options before exposing patients to potential overmedication.

Here is some more information about our natural cycle and Mini-IVF™ treatments.  We will keep a close look on any developments in this study.

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