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IVF Without Hormone Injections | Success Stories

1) 37 y/o arrived at New Hope with severe PCOS.  This patient was at high risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation (OHSS), so our fertility specialists chose to treat her with our minimal stimulation, or Mini-IVF™, protocol.  To increase her chances of getting pregnant, we also chose to administer a frozen blastocyst transfer, which has a high success rate thanks to our vitrification freezing method.  After her transfer, we're pleased to announce this 37-year-old is pregnant.  Congratulations!!!

2) 41 y/o returned to New Hope for her 3rd baby and struggling with a high FSH. Prior to coming to us, she was labeled an IVF non-responder at other clinics.  She successfully conceived after a frozen blastocyst transfer from Clomid-only IVF (no hormone injections).   Congratulations once again!!!

3) 34 y/o came to New Hope dealing with male factor infertility.  After her Ultra Mini-IVF™ treatment (no hormone injections), she conceived after her fresh embryo transfer.  She also elected to freeze eggs for future use.  Congrats!!!

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