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Know Your Meds: The Importance of Being Prepared

At New Hope Fertility Center, a common concern that is brought up from outside monitor patients is the availability of medications.   Please take a look at our recommendations on how to make to make sure you are able to get your medications on time and without any issues. 

blog211.  Many patients are self-pay and medications for treatment can be very expensive.

Solution:  If you not covered by insurance, we recommend our patients to use substitutions and to use the medicine as infrequently as possible and as late in the cycle as possible to avoid a potential waste of medicine in the event that you purchase it, but don’t need it. 

 2.  Many types of medicine need to be taken right away. Often patients, (especially outside monitoring patients) will have trouble getting the prescription they need because they may deal with time differences, or weekend/holiday closures.   Sometimes these patients are told by the pharmacy that they cannot get the medicine for 12-24 hours, which can greatly impact your chance of success.

Solution:  Always discuss with your doctor and their staff what medicine is needed from the very beginning of your treatment.  Plan ahead, know your own schedule and plan for big events like travel or holidays.

We always recommend, whenever possible, getting all your medicines in hand before the start of your cycle to minimize a situation where you need the medicine and for one reason or another, cannot get it.  Please consult the staff to get a list of potential medications and sort out the details before or early on in your treatment cycle.


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