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How to Learn About Egg Freezing By Attending Our Upcoming Events

Egg-Freezing-NHFC-1-blogAccording to a science article published last year in The Guardian, women need more information and realistic data about freezing their eggs to preserve their future ability to have biologically-related children. Why is this important? In 2019, women need to know how Social Egg Freezing (SEF) deflects the eventual medical reality of their biological clock running out of time.

Science Data on the 2019 Egg Freezing Trend

Success rates for egg freezing have improved significantly in recent years. Women should be informed of their opportunity to freeze their eggs for social reason if they chose not to get pregnant within their prime reproductive years. These women should be aware that egg freezing does not guaranty a baby in the future.The Guardian

The latest data from the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority (HFEA) shows the following trends in egg freezing:

  • 32 percent of women freezing their eggs were under the age of 35
  • 62 percent of women freezing their eggs were under 38
  • 27 percent of women thawing their eggs for fertilization and implantation were over the age of 44

Egg Freezing Social Acceptance

Social egg freezing should be offered to single women approaching their mid-thirties. Improvements in egg freezing technologies mean a greater chance of egg-thawing survival today. Women should not be faced with childlessness because they cannot find the right partner – nor should they feel pressured into a relationship because of an aging ovarian reserve. – The Guardian

Informative Egg Freezing in Events

Today, the medical marvel of egg freezing – oocyte cryopreservation – in conjunction with IVF preserves a woman’s fertility.

New Hope’s monthly egg freezing events cover:

  • What is egg freezing?
  • How is egg freezing done?
  • How to choose the best IVF center to freeze your eggs.
  • How many eggs do you need to freeze?
  • What is the cost of egg freezing?
  • What should you know before deciding to freeze your eggs?

When you sign up for an egg freezing consultation at one of our monthly events, you will receive:

  • A free consultation worth $500 plus an ultrasound
  • 6 months of free oocyte (egg) cryopreservation valued at $600 or more
  • A medication discount from Ferring Pharmaceuticals for women who qualify

Freezing Quality Eggs (Oocytes)

Look: 80 percent of the eggs cryopreserved today are for women who are choosing to delay childbearing past their prime reproductive years. Bottom Line: The natural aging process has a dramatic effect on the quality of a woman’s eggs. A woman in her prime reproductive years (early 20s and early 30s) has the option of freezing her eggs to preserve her future fertility into her advanced reproductive years (mid-30s and early 40s + beyond):

  • Today’s modern women who are focused on their education and career opportunities
  • Women whose circumstances in life are not presently conducive to rearing children
  • Women who have not be able to find their life partner
  • Women who are facing cancer treatment – chemo or radiation – that could damage the quality of their eggs and/or destroy their ovarian function by sending them into premature menopause
  • Women who are undergoing IVF and are likely to produce excessive eggs, but have ethical or religious concerns over freezing embryos

Affordable Egg Freezing in NYC

Your eggs don’t have to age – even if you do!

Egg Freezing is affordable at New Hope Fertility Center.

  • Free Egg Freezing Consultation
  • $3,500 Egg Freezing
  • Free Storage for 6 Months

Egg Freezing Process

Egg freezing is accomplished through a fresh IVF cycle, stopping short of egg fertilization in vitro.

  • Stimulation of a woman’s ovaries using fertility drugs to produce several egg follicles during one fresh IVF cycle
  • Harvesting eggs from the woman’s ovaries through surgical retrieval
  • Preparation and freezing of the eggs for preservation through a process known as vitrification
  • The rapid-freezing technique of vitrification makes it possible to freeze eggs quickly so that ice crystals do not form between cells

Future Pregnancy

When she is ready to start building her family, the egg freezing process continues.

  • Her eggs are thawed and fertilized in vitro by injecting a single sperm cell into a single egg – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • The resulting embryos are cultured in vitro for up to 5 days (blastocyst stage)
  • A predetermined number of quality embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus for implantation into the uterine lining to achieve pregnancy

Because every patient’s personal, medical, and financial needs are different, we offer customized IVF treatment.

Our experience designing customized IVF protocols provide a variety of successful treatment protocols for you to choose from. We offer the highest quality care timed precisely around your body’s optimal state of performance. A multidisciplinary fertility team effort provides the most evidence-based practice leading to higher pregnancy success rates.

Positive Pregnancy Success Rates

Pregnancy success rates using a woman’s egg that has been cryopreserved are comparable to success rates using a fresh egg.

Successfully increasing IVF Pregnancy Success Rates requires all-encompassing fertility care. At New Hope Fertility Center, we have comprised a team of World Class Fertility Specialists who are committed to working in tandem to bring every patient tomorrow’s cutting edge IVF treatment – today.

Egg Freezing Expertise

It is important to work with a fertility team having the research and clinical experience required to design a customized egg freezing plan meeting your personal and medical needs. To schedule your initial consultation with one of the egg freezing experts at New Hope Fertility Center, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.

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