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Locating The Best NYC Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy agencies provide a valuable service of bringing together a potential surrogate mother and the intended patients. High quality surrogacy agencies provide protection for both parties and can help with the legal issues typically arising from surrogacy contracts. Couples in NYC looking to grow their families through a surrogate often find limited options. Unfortunately, in the state of New York surrogacy contracts are considered to be invalid and are not enforceable. In order to have the best surrogacy experience, ask for a referral from your fertility center. Premier fertility centers often have partnerships with high quality surrogacy agencies.

surrogacyNYC Surrogacy Agencies

Selecting the right surrogacy agency and surrogate are important parts of your journey to parenthood. After all, these individuals are directly responsible for helping you build a family. While searching for the right surrogacy agency, keep the following in mind.

Surrogacy Screening Process

The ideal agency will have a stringent screening process for both surrogate mothers and the intended parents. It is important that all involved parties are well suited for the surrogacy process. Medically speaking, there are several things that should be verified by the agency about the surrogate mother.

  • Excellent health and free from any history of sexually transmitted diseases - includes diseases that were successfully treated by a medical professional
  • The live birth of at least one child with no issues or complications
  • Smoke, drug, and alcohol free
  • Age between 21 and 39

Additionally, the surrogate should be required to be able to legally work in the United States and to pass a criminal background check.


Experienced surrogacy agencies have the most success matching potential surrogate mothers with their intended parents. In addition to understanding the needs of both the surrogate and intended parents, experienced agencies can help address the legal issues arising out of the surrogate partnership. Ask about the average tenure of employees and how often their staff turns over. This will help you understand the stability of the staff at your chosen fertility center.  

Staff Involvement

Look for a surrogacy agency that takes care to regularly stay in contact with both the surrogate mother and intended parents. The surrogacy agency should be looked at as a resource and used as such. Select an agency where you feel comfortable speaking with the staff and asking questions. The agency should help navigate paperwork and legal issues as well as provide support.

NYC Surrogacy Agency

Located in New Jersey, New Beginnings Surrogacy Services exclusively provides surrogacy services to New Hope Fertility Center in NYC. New Hope and New Beginnings focus on providing individualized treatment to their clients.

For additional information on the surrogacy programs available through New Beginnings Surrogacy Services,  click the icon below and entering your information online. Or, call directly 917.525.5496 to schedule a consultation. 


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