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Low Birth Weight Linked to Autism

As we've reported previously, children born prematurely and with low birth weights have an increased chance of having medical or developmental issues at the time of birth and later on in life. Some studies have even revealed a connection between premature births and premature death in childhood or adulthood. More recently, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and School of Medicine have linked low birth weights with autism, adding to the list of complications that come hand in hand with premature and multiple births.

Low births weights are most often associated with multiple births in the fertility care field. Take the Octomom, for instance, whose doctor implanted her with 12 embryos which lead to a high risk pregnancy and subsequently 8 newborns who all suffered extremely low birth weights. These types of risks can be significantly decreased with the practice of single embryo transfers, which New Hope Fertility Center encourages with all their patients, unless requested otherwise.

The employment of single embryo transfers for IVF is becoming a more recognized practice in the area of assisted reproduction, and we cannot stress enough the importance of making this practice a standard within the fertility care sector. Not only does it decrease the chance of having high risk multiples, but SET is more physiologically safe for women undergoing IVF treatment and more affordable!

If you're concerned with success rates, please read more of our IVF success stories about women who have conceived with our unique IVF protocols.

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