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Male Factor Infertility | IVF Success Stories

There are many myths concerning male factor infertility that arise when couples are having trouble getting pregnant -- chief among them that infertility is more than likely a female issue.

Male factor infertility actually accounts for 30 percent of all infertility-related issues, according to RESOLVE.  At New Hope, we have many couples who come in to get help regarding their fertility status and discover the male party is suffering from low sperm count or azoospermia (when there is no sperm in the ejaculate).  But just like our female patients who struggle with the emotional pain of feeling "barren," we discourage our male patients from entering into destructive thinking concerning their fertility.

If you're azoospermic or have a low sperm count, it certainly does not make you less of a man, nor does it make you less deserving of fatherhood.  If anything, your resilience to get you and your partners' infertility issues resolved is something more men in your position should take note of.

We were able to assist a couple recently who were struggling with infertility related to male factor.  Using our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment and sperm retrieved from her husband, Ms. 34 got pregnant from her injection-less protocol and even had 4 quality embryos frozen following her treatment.  Because of her age and her partner's willingness to have his sperm tested, all her eggs were of high quality and her chance of getting pregnant again with the embryos she froze are very high.

Congrats to this couple on their first pregnancy.  If you suspect you're having trouble conceiving due to male factor infertility, get your sperm tested.  There's no use in waiting when it comes to building your family!

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