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How to Manage Politically-Induced Stress During Fertility Treatment

Black Woman StresssedDuring fertility treatment, you must be mindful of stress and anxiety caused by politics – regardless of your affiliation. 2020 is a very contentious and divided time in the history of our nation. Headlines will cause intense political stress to everyone during the upcoming presidential election. The 24/7 news and social media cycles exacerbate political stress. Don’t ignore signs of politically-induced stress if you are undergoing fertility treatment this year. Long-lasting symptoms can take a serious toll on your overall well-being and fertility treatment success. Our Fertility Care Team has put together some helpful tips for you to better manage politically-induced stress.

Symptoms of Politically-Induced Stress

  • Higher blood pressure
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Anxious and worried feelings
  • Drastic mood changes
  • Struggles with insomnia

Common Sense Ways to Reduce Politically-Induced Stress

Begin by being more thoughtful about the political news you’re watching and sharing with others.

  1. Be aware of the time you spend consuming politic content and limit yourself to fact-based, reputable primary sources – not your social media feeds.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings when you discuss politics to avoid offending others around you.
  3. Be mindful that others may be offended by your political opinions and this could result in unexpected tensions/hurt feelings.
  4. Don’t be dismissive of other’s opinions – open yourself up to hear and respect their point of view.
  5. Step away from conflicting conversations when you start feeling uncomfortable.
  6. Become self-aware of why you may be over-consuming political news.

Other Simple Stress Management Reduction Tools

  • Brighten someone’s day by practicing kindness
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Let go of what you cannot control
  • Avoid taking on new responsibilities
  • Journal your thoughts and concerns
  • Exercise to strengthen your body
  • Meditate to maintain a positive outlook
  • Get more quality sleep
  • Try massage therapy
  • Acupuncture for Fertility
  • Ozone Sauna Therapy
  • Fertility Counseling

Patient-Focused Fertility Treatment Protocols

Fertility Specialists Helping to Reduce Patient Stress

It is important to work with a fertility care team that can help you reduce your politically-induced stress and anxiety during fertility treatment. To schedule your initial consultation with the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center – click the icon below – or call 212.969.7422.

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