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How to Manage the Dreams and Hopes of Relatives During Egg Donation

Taking-notes.pngTelling Relatives About Egg Donation

For those who are using donor eggs, it can be difficult to know if telling relatives about egg donation is the right option. For some, having biological relatives is important. Others may worry about how an older generation may feel about the use of donor eggs, which were unheard of decades ago. Another group of women may wonder how they will be viewed by family members. The truth is, telling relatives about egg donation is a highly personal decision. While there is no right or wrong decision, there are a few key items that can make telling relatives about egg donation easier.


Many people do not understand the process of egg donation. They are unfamiliar with how donor eggs are received and what the future relationship is with egg donor. It is common for friends and family members to have a number of questions of the process. Be prepared to educate them about the process and what it means for your future child. Try to remember that questions are often the result of a lack of information. Keeping in mind that you are educating them on the process can help you have the conversation.


Before you begin telling relatives about egg donation think about how you want to convey your decision. Being prepared in advance with how you want to tell your story definitely helps. Knowing how your child will be informed about their conception story can also help to address the concerns of your family and friends. How much information you relay during this process is up to you. Answering questions is perfectly fine as long as you feel comfortable. If you begin to not feel comfortable, it’s okay to stop.


Your decision on how you will start your family is your own. While sharing your story is good, telling relatives about using egg donation should be informative, not a time of defending your efforts.

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