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Maximizing Health, Minimizing Risk | Mini-IVF™ Success Stories

With the Jones quintuplets currently claiming the NICU at Southwestern Medical Center as their temporary home, now could not be a more appropriate time to highlight the benefits of minimal stimulation IVF.

Conceived through injectable IUIs, the Jones quintuplets, who range from 1 pounds 12 ounces to 2 pounds 11 ounces, are a prime example of injectable IUIs leading to high risk multiple births.  According to our resident fertility specialist Dr. Lyndon Chang, "many, if not most, higher level gestations (triplets, quads, quints) are not from IVF, but from injectable IUIs, which are unnecessary and dangerous."

That being said, the time has come for those in the assisted reproduction community to start adopting and utilizing more minimally invasive fertility treatments. Mini-IVF™ harnesses the power of nature by relying more on the body's naturally occurring processes and less on copious amounts of injectable fertility medications. In addition, the treatment lessens the risks (ie. OHSS) that come with producing an overabundance of eggs, which often happens with conventional treatments.

At New Hope, we've had a couple of recent IVF success stories using our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment.  Our first such case involved a 29-year old struggling with primary infertility.  After just 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and a single embryo transfer, she got pregnant.  Her particular treatment demonstrates both cost-effectiveness (1 cycle, no injectables) and safety (we transferred just one embryo, as would happen in nature).

Our second IVF success story is similar to our first and involved a  31-year-old also suffering from primary infertility.  She also completed just 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and chose to freeze her embryos.  After transferring just one of those embryos, she also achieved a successful pregnancy.

Both women are great examples of how safe and cost-effective fertility treatments like Mini-IVF™ (also known as Low Dose IVF, IVF Lite, and Green IVF) work.  Not only do they save future parents money during treatment, but also cut down on neonatal healthcare costs since they greatly reduce the chance of getting pregnant with multiples, which are risky for both mother and child.

As we pray for the Jones' quints as they get stronger in the NICU, the assisted reproduction community cannot wait any longer in letting those undergoing fertility treatments know there are safer and more cost-effective options out there.

Make sure to ask your fertility specialist about low dose and single embryo protocols.

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