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Meet Dr. Zhang - New Hope Fertility's Premier Fertility Doctor

One of the most important factors in successful fertility treatment is the selection of a premier fertility doctor.  The premier fertility doctor in NYC is the founder of New Hope Fertility Center, Dr. John Zhang.  Dr. Zhang founded New Hope Fertility Center in 2004, which now has locations internationally as well as in NYC. 

Education  Dr Zhang

Dr. Zhang has a world-class education that includes:

  • A medical degree from Zhejiang University School of Medicine
  • A Master’s Degree from Birmingham University in the United Kingdom
  • A PhD from the New York University’s School of Medicine

He continues to strengthen his tools through non-embryonic stem cell research.  Dr. Zhang’s expertise is not limited to fertility treatment process.  He is also a certified embryologist, allowing him to offer further benefit to his patients. 

A Unique Treatment Approach

What sets Dr. Zhang and the team at New Hope Fertility Center apart is their dedication to personalized fertility treatment plans.  By focusing on the exact medical needs of each woman individually, Dr. Zhang is able to achieve high success rates even without the use of fertility medication.  This more holistic approach to fertility treatment is safer and more comfortable for women. 

Continuous Improvement

In order to offer the best treatment options for his patients, Dr. Zhang and the New Hope team continually sharpen their skills.  They partner with industry leaders worldwide to ensure they’re aware of the latest in fertility technology and procedures.  Additionally, New Hope has ongoing clinical trials to fine tune fertility treatment with the use of little-to-no fertility medication.  Dr. Zhang and the New Hope team’s dedication to providing industry-leading fertility treatment can be seen through their milestones:

  • Birth of a child using the eggs of a 49 year old
  • An ovarian tissue transplant to restore fertility
  • Recognition as a Top NYC Doctor

Schedule an appointment today to meet with Dr. Zhang and to begin creating your personalized fertility care plan.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

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