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Mid-January IVF Success Stories

1) First, we'd like to congratulate our patient who recently delivered a healthy baby girl!!! This patient was 42 y/o with a high FSH, a history of miscarriages, a ectopic pregnancy, and failed IVF cycles elsewhere. Using New Hope's miscarriage protocol, she conceived from a blastocyst embryo transfer created from Clomid-only IVF. Congratulations to you and your new family!

2) 25 y/o arrived at New Hope with a history of secondary infertility. She completed 2 Mini-IVF™ cycles for subsequent PGD testing. She recently became pregnant after a frozen embryo transfer. Congrats!

3) 31 y/o came to New Hope with a history of primary infertility. She completed just 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle with a fresh embryo transfer that recently resulted in a positive pregnancy test. Congrats!

4) 38 y/o reached out to New Hope after struggling through a period of secondary infertility. She completed 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle with a frozen embryo transfer and recently got pregnant with twins. Congratulations!

5) 45 y/o came to NHFC with a high FSH. She completed our Natural Cycle IVF protocol and had a single embryo transfer. She recently became pregnant with twins (there is an increased chance of embryo splitting in IVF even after a single embryo transfer). Congrats!

6) 29 y/o arrived at New Hope dealing with male factor infertility. She recently had a positive pregnancy test after Mini-IVF™ and a single embryo transfer, and froze her other embryo to bank until ready for her second child. It should be noted that at New Hope, patients have the same chance of success with frozen embryo transfers as they do with fresh embryo transfers.

7) 39 y/o came to NHFC hoping for a chance at a second baby after coping with secondary infertility caused by tubal issues and a failed IVF attempts elsewhere. While we made the decision to cancel her fresh embryo transfer because of an unfavorable uterine environment, she ultimately conceived from Natural Cycle IVF and and a frozen blastocyst transfer. Congrats!

8) 42 y/o came to New Hope after being deemed a non-responder at other centers. She recently had a positive pregnancy test after a frozen embryo transfer created from Natural Cycle IVF. Congratulations!

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