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Mini-IVF: A More Healthy & Cost-Effective Approach to IVF

As recent fertility care news is littered with stories of high risk multiple births, doctors losing licenses, and a push in the fertility treatment field for more customized care, experts are beginning to shed new light on emerging IVF treatments that are more health and cost effective.

Many fertility care centers are showing promising results through the use of more minimally evasive IVF treatments.  New Hope Fertility Center saw a number of difficult cases result in healthy pregnancies through the use of minimal stimulation IVF.  In July alone, the center reported several women in their early to mid-forties suffering from primary infertility and/or a history of miscarriages who came back with positive pregnancy tests after undergoing Mini-IVF™ treatments.  Other centers are also starting to utilize more minimally invasive techniques under various coinages such as Green-IVF, IVF-lite, and MS-IVF (minimal stimulation IVF).

Mini-IVF™ couples close monitoring of the individual patient with lower dose medication protocols to avoid the over-stimulation often produced under conventional IVF treatments.  Mini-IVF™ relies on the woman's physiological processes, along with minimal stimulation from a daily Clomid pill (versus daily injections used in traditional IVF), to produce eggs similar to how the body typically produces them in a natural cycle.  By reducing hyperstimulation, patients reduce the health risk and high cost of taking too many IVF drugs while still producing viable eggs for implantation.

You can hear more on this emerging IVF treatment through the Fertility Authority here, and hear success stories from new moms who used Mini-IVF™ here.

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