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Mini-IVF and its Benefits

As advances in the area of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments continue to be developed, cost and overmedication are two major concerns for both patient and doctor.  When considering the best fertility protocols, recent trends favor treatments that encourage lower medication regimens, such as those offered through Mini-IVF,™ which offers a gentle alternative to conventional IVF.

Bruce Rose highlights the benefits of Mini-IVF™ in his recent article "Mini-IVF or IVF-lyte?" In his analysis, Rose examines the process of Mini-IVF,™ which is based around the understanding that a woman's body produces the "best quality eggs before the cycle even starts."  Under Mini-IVF™ protocols, medications that aid in the development of these particular eggs are administered in low doses, greatly decreasing the risk of hyperstimulation and high risk pregnancies that are often the result of conventional IVF treatments.

In addition to reducing risk, Mini-IVF™ protocols reduce the cost of fertility care since the amount of drugs administered during treatment is lower than that of conventional IVF treatment.

We're always proud to hear that our innovative Mini-IVF™ techniques are being recognized by others.  Rose delivers a clear and concise analysis of the health and financial benefits of our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment, which you can find more information on here.

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