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Why Mini-IVF™ May Be The Best Option for Your Fertility Needs

In-vitro fertilization is commonly associated with high doses of fertility medication.  Although that may have been the case years ago, new IVF protocols allow for fertility treatment with little-to-no fertility medication.

Minimal Stimulation IVFmini-ivf

Minimal Stimulation IVF, commonly referred to asMini-IVF, is a more holistic approach to traditional IVF care.  As opposed to the traditional approach that focuses on egg quantity, Mini-IVF focuses on producing high quality eggs. 

The Mini treatment protocol is customized to the specific needs of each woman.  Treatment is done with the use of small doses of fertility medication.  This is typically accomplished through the prescription of the oral fertility medication Clomid, with the dosage set on an individual basis.  Additionally, women can expect to have between one and three doses of Menopur, an injectable medication.  This stands in stark contrast with traditional IVF treatment which may require up to 60 injections per cycle.  Finally, ovulation is triggered by Synarel, which is taken as a nasal spray. 

Advantages of Minimal Stimulation IVF

Minimal Stimulation IVF protocols have a number of advantages over traditional IVF treatment:

  • Because less fertility medication is used, there are fewer side effects resulting in a more comfortable experience
  • The risk of developing ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome is significantly reduced
  • There is a reduced wait time between cycles
  • The pain of daily injections is significantly reduced and in some cases, is eliminated
  • Producing between two and five high quality eggs that are well suited for fertilization is very effective -  retrieval of low quality eggs that are not suited for fertilization is eliminated

Despite using less fertility medication, the success rate for Minimal Stimulation IVF rivals that of traditional IVF care.  This protocol is ideal for women who want to limit their exposure to fertility medication or who are focused on the quality rather than the quantity of retrieved eggs.

For additional information on Mini-IVF™ and more holistic approaches to fertility care, contact New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank You.


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