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Mini-IVF™ Success After Miscarriage

pregnancy after miscarriageMiscarriage is a harsh reality that every woman faces. Whether you're 25 or 41 years of age, losing a pregnancy can happen to any woman who is trying to conceive.

According to FertilityAuthority.com, there are several types of miscarriages that occur due to a variety of reasons -- from chromosomal abnormalities to undeveloped embryos.  In any case, the results are devastating.  Women who suffer miscarriages experience emotional and physical trauma, and it's understandable that deciding to try again is a difficult decision to make.

We meet many women at New Hope who come to our center hoping to conceive -- and keep -- their pregnancy.  Fortunately, our doctors have experience with treating and helping women with histories of miscarriage.  Coupled with what they learn about a patient's history, our doctors often propose using minimal stimulation techniques for those with miscarriage history in order to avoid overstimulating sensitive uterine environments.

New Hope would like to congratulate two patients who got pregnant recently after experiencing multiple miscarriages.  Both women, in their early 40s, went through more than 1 miscarriage and went forward with injection-less Mini-IVF™ treatment.  Our injection-less treatment afforded both doctor and patient with the peace of mind that the uterine environment would not be overstimulated with too much medication. Following their frozen embryo transfers -- another method used in more sensitive cases -- both patients announced positive pregnancy tests.  Congratulations to you both!

To read more about our holistic and customized approach to IVF, please visit us on the web. You can also read more about Mini-IVF™ here.

If you've experienced multiple miscarriages and still wish to conceive, don't hesitate to give us a call at 212-400-9614 or schedule a consultation.


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